Blast Fat With Slim in 6 Beach Body

Posted by admin on June 4, 2013

Today I will be revisiting an old favorite beach body exercise workout program that has given me great results – you’re gonna laugh but it belongs to my wife.

Now this workout has a major following with women and was designed for both men and women. Although the results for women have been amazing.

I’ve done p90x, insanity and all those crazy workouts and I honestly could not keep up with all the crazy moves they come up with. I’m quite uncoordinated in nature and was getting sick of pounding the treadmill.

That’s when my wife told me about Slim in 6 and that it was an exercise program that worked well on men as well. I didn’t believe her until I popped the first video in and saw a guy doing it as well – which relieved me.

The guy who was performing the exercises in the tape was an actual user of the program, when I saw the before and after picture of his Slim in 6 results – my jaw dropped!

The guy had a big belly and now he was lean and cut – that’s what I wanted!

The creator of the program is Debbie Siebers, a world renowned fitness lifestyle expert who looks hot for the age of 52.

The program has 3 phases:

Start it up phase: this is the first video in the workout series, it goes for 28minutes and introduces you to the foundation steps of the exercises routine. It does allow you to workup a sweat and you workout for 2-3 days on this.

Ramp it up phase: this is the 2nd video in the workout series, it goes for 45minutes and is significantly more difficult than the first video. In this video, Debbie combines cardio training with resistance bands to build lean muscles. Her leg exercises are a killer, my thighs burned sooo much during this video.

Burn it up phase: this is the 3rd video in the workout series, it goes for more than an hour and Debbie takes it up a notch by turning you into a fat blasting machine. Loads of cardio, resistance building and working those core abdominals so that you can get lean sculpted abs.

I believe that Slim in 6 works well with a diet full of fruits, vegetables and a raw food diet – it will speed up your weight loss results.  I think my favorite part of the program is that Debbie is not all gung ho and annoying, she’s patient and walks you through all the moves – her routine is relatively straight forward too!

slim in 6

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